Advanced Praise for Enter If You Dare

Enter if You Dare by Alyson Larrabee is an exciting story full of shocking discoveries. The protagonist is a headstrong high school student named Annabelle Blake. Annabelle’s adventure began on the night she went to the old, abandoned Wild Wood Psychiatric Hospital. The lonesome boy’s ghost followed her home…looks like he doesn’t want to be alone anymore. He haunts her dreams and always follows her around. Then, Annabelle meets Wyatt Silver. Wyatt has a special gift. He can see ghosts and channel them: let them into his body and speak their thoughts. He also has a huge crush on Annabelle, but she has sworn off boys because of her recently broken heart. She’s only interested in the ghost. They form an alliance to help the spirit. Together, as they try to figure out the lonesome boy’s past, they begin a shocking murder investigation, stalk dangers and find ghostly discoveries. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes a good ghost story. People who like love stories and mysteries will also be intrigued by this novel. I was extremely surprised many times. You never know what to expect.  by RukshaEnter if You Dare pic by Ruksha


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