My Low Tech/No Tech Vacation

sand turtleAnnie on the Beach RI








Last week my husband and I went on a vacation together, with the dog, and stayed in a small, essentially two room cottage near the ocean. It was built in the 1920’s and has no cable, no internet and poor cell phone reception. When I told one of my friends what we were doing, her reaction was, “You’re going to be at each other’s throats.”

That gave me pause. I became anxious. We were less than a mile from a beautiful private beach and the house came with a beach pass, so we’d be outside most of the time, but…What if it rained? What would we do? We got lucky, only two rainy days. On one of them, we drove around and looked at houses for sale because we love the area. We saw Taylor Swift’s house. Not for sale; way too big for us anyway. On the other rainy day, we did a little sightseeing: The Nautilus Submarine Museum in Groton, Connecticut. I love museums. My husband was interested in experiencing the close quarters of the submarine. Something for both of us. Great day. The other days, we spent some serious time on the beach; walking, reading, swimming. We talked to each other. We brought the cribbage board and Scrabble but never even got around to it. We both read a lot of books and I worked on the third novel in my series. My daughter Annie visited and built a sand turtle on the beach. (See photos.)

Another thing our love-nest didn’t have: an oven. No cooking. Yay! We tried several great restaurants and sampled everything from $32.00 swordfish, eaten at a table with a view of the ocean, to chowder from a takeout window, eaten at a picnic table overlooking a busy street. Heavenly. Paradise.

We found a dog park. Nigel, our redbone coonhound mix, had never been to one. He loved it. Lots of tail wagging and butt sniffing, two of his favorite pastimes. The dog owners sit around and chat about their pets, children and jobs. The poop bags are free.

So we survived our “off the grid” vacation. I’ve been back for over twenty four hours and haven’t turned the TV on yet. Can’t say the same for my husband.

Consensus: We really enjoyed ourselves and we’d do it again. Tomorrow would work for me.


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