Reflections on 2014: What Haunts Me

writer weirdness joke

What Haunts Me


Alyson Larrabee

  1. A furry, bark colored creature who beckons to me with one, long, dark leather-skinned finger. (a scene from my work in progress)
  2. People with beautiful souls who lead tragic lives.
  3. Children singing almost anything, especially in harmony.
  4. The poetry of Edgar Allan Poe, read aloud.
  5. Icicles hanging from the bare branches of a tree.
  6. The silence of snowfall.
  7. Kissing the cheek of a chubby baby.
  8. Whole-hearted, pee-your-pants laughter.
  9. Being left alone in the cold and the dark.
  10. The flame of a candle, blazing logs on a campfire, the glow from a lantern.
  11. The brave little heart of my three legged dog. R.I.P., Doc.
  12. The clean corners at the ceiling of a room.
  13. The smell of sawdust.
  14. Sitting like a giant limp tea bag in a tub of hot water.
  15. Anyone’s death. Thank you, John Donne.

One for every year of the 21st Century.


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