HIDDEN IN THE DARK kindle ebook launch


Hidden in the Dark print cover front

Hidden in the Dark available on Amazon for $1.99

Lock the door and set the alarm, but it won’t help. Because nothing can stop Gabriel.

He stalks young women, drags them off to a secret hiding place, and viciously ends their lives.

He’s brilliant and invisible.

And his current obsession is Eastfield High School’s golden girl, Harper Flagg.

Sixteen years ago he murdered her mother and now he’s come back for her.

Harper thinks she’s prepared for anything. She’s smart, fearless, and the fastest runner on her track team. But can anyone ever be ready for Gabriel?

A dark force lurks in his cold heart, and Harper’s about to find out exactly how dangerous he really is.

“A quick-paced, complex story. I read it in two days, and I do expect a sequel, yes, I do.”

_D. A. McGuire, award winning mystery writer for Alfred Hitchcock and Ellery Queen Magazines

Cover photo by Shaun Melendy