They watched. They listened. And they made it their own.

97 hatchlings.

2016 Purple Team

Run. Lift. Flap. Glide

Oceans. Fields. Swamplands. Rivers. Forests.

Predators and Weather.

Be off.

Go forth.

God speed.

Carry a piece of me with you for as long as it lasts.

You will be with me forever.

I watched someone smell a book yesterday, an old one.

And I thought

Yes. She is carrying the best part of me with her.

The ancient part.

Breathe it in.

And then tell someone else about it.

Show them.

Hold it up.

Let them try.


Happy Merry New Year

2016 – In this year, I resolve to take my writing seriously even if no one else does. Still crouching cowardly behind a transparent shield of self-deprecation, I’ll find the courage and the confidence to keep going.

Keats — “I am certain of nothing but the holiness of the Heart’s affections and the truth of the Imagination”

Which brings us to WORDS (the world’s most holy natural resource).

As destructive as any weapon ever invented,

As dangerous as any venom ever injected,

As passionate as the most devoted lovers,

As lyrical as the rippling notes of an aria,

As graceful as the splash of the artist’s brush,

As slippery as the stones on the brook bottom,

As ominous as the storm’s first breath,

As cold and deadly as the ocean floor,

As claustrophobic as a deep and monstrous cave,

As empty as the air atop the highest mountain,

As huge as the orca,

As tiny as the sand flea,

As powerless as the civilized mind of the limp and useless poet,

As mesmerizing as the tales of a twisted storyteller,

As limitless as anything ever imagined by anyone,

And absolutely free.

– Alyson Larrabee